Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lucky Me

Oh yes, very lucky me.
Can you hint my sarcasm?

I seem to suffer with depression and stress related issues - sending my skin into irritated fits. I am yet to figure out its cause. We have tried almost everything. Soap, washing powder, make-up/face products, trying to sooth it and ive been to 5-10 doctors. They all just send me off with more medication and more oitments with no results.
I already take medication for depression, and i stress myself out every time my skin breaks out because like any girl, i worry about how i look. Typical.
And if you can't tell, today has been a bad day for my skin (i think it may of flared up as i went swimming in a chlorine pool last night).

But today, I have literally had ENOUGH. Its been happening for years now - id say about 3.. And i cannot put up with it any longer. It makes me embarrissed and lack confidence - more than i already do. I have even tried to research it myself, with no luck.
I have been told by my usual doctor that it is a condition known as Rosacea. I am convinced its not. It has SOME similar symptoms, but its very different in other ways.

Im off to the doctors again tonight.. Hopefully I might get some answers.. Or be sent to a dermatologist.
Gah I also have to discuss getting my tonsils out. Yay me. Not.

Wish me luck fellow readers.

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  1. I wish you luck on the tonsils. Im on the waiting list and have been now for six months they tell me i wont even know a date until march next year of when im getting them out and i am really sick on tonsilitis it SUCKS