Monday, July 13, 2009

Its worse than i ever imagined...

things are utter crap.

stephen and I did get back together, and we actually lasted 3 weeks this time. But he broke up with me :(. Seriously, i dont even know why. I told him i was dissapointed i couldnt see him this weekend so he twisted my words and said that i was dissapointed in him and he cant be with someone who thinks hes a dissapointment and that this is for my own good. How the hell does that work?
i REALLY loved him. And now he wont talk to me at all. Not 2 words. It hurts daily. Id at least feel a little better if there was an explanation.

I returned from Bali feeling relaxed and wonderful. Only to be dumped by my boyfriend and used by a friend.
Friday night i went to a sex toys party - honestly the funniest thing ever - and then into town. Town was good, free drinks all night from guys trying to chat up n my mate. oh and darren.

Seriously never make the mistake of going into town 2 nights in a row. Saturday night was unbearable. I saw an old friend i hadn't seen in forever, that was pretty good (plus he's cute!). Except an ex from years ago decided to tell me he loves me and always has and always will.
It was not a good thing at all. Plus, we have our photo in a melbourne magazine (its called Beat). or from what i can remember.

So now its Monday and im back at work. Im utterly exhausted and going to bed when i get home - which is like 5pm. Haha.

Oooh, and i have been talking to my best friend from London (And yes, ive met him hes not some random from the net). Hes actually my mums best friends son and we used to be forced to hang out when we were younger and i hated it. He loved it, he had a crush on me haha.
And now we've grown up, and havent spoken in years. But the past few months we've been talking. Hes awesome. Hes pretty much a male version of me. A bit cheeky and mischeivious, but very down to earth and laid back. Plus you can talk about ANYTHING and he wouldn't judge.

Well im out, going to see if my biological father replied to my threatening email.

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