Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Misconception versus Simplicity

When I listen to music. The main 2 things I think about.

Whether a song is being misconceived by its broad audience? Are the lyrics just plain and simple - what they say is what they mean?

I must admit I get frustrated when there is a song that to me seems really indepth and could only be explained by the artist is misread as simple. Or maybe even im misreading it.
But it got me thinking the other day when I was looking at video clips on YouTube for Jesus Christ by Brand New. Some utterly crap male had made a video clip for it and for every line of the song, he had visually described it. No further thought AT ALL. I know its very critical of me to judge that, but honestly.. If your posting something online at least make it funny, interesting or deep, or at least plain random.

Im one of very few of my friends that will listen to music ranging from Hip-Hop/Rap to Screamo. (Even though most are male artists that I appeal to). Ive never been one to "diss" a musician because their style is alternate compared to another. I will however, make comments if they change style just to fit in with the "norm".
A perfect example is Good Charlotte. Okay, they used to be my ALL TIME favourite band. I know, I know.. Many will judge me by this. But I took a liking to them.
Anywayss... There most recent album was a real let-down in my books. I honestly believe it was an album that was majorly affected by the band members social life - eg. Benji & Joel Madden. And their constant social mischief with Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie (2 utterly crap females).

Moving onto a new subject.. Plus Size Celebrities.
SERIOUSLYYY. A size 10 is NOT a plus size. I would literally die to be a size 10. I was reading a magazine not too long ago, only to be astonished as they called this girl(no idea who she was though) who was a size 10, FAT. She argued that she was just curvy, and i would agree. Curves are amazingly sexy. Ask 80% of the male population. I lack confidence in myself most of the time - yes a small fact about me - and seeing models the same size and larger than me being confident and sexy makes me feel better about myself.
No matter what a woman may say to you, she will think about her weight at some point. Whether she wants to be a little bigger, or a bit smaller. My best friend - known to my friends as Cat - is the smallest girl i know. Skinny as a rake and short as a 10 year old. But the difference between her and most of the other skinny girls i know is that she KNOWS she is skinny and tries to put on weight. I despise size 8 girls who say they are fat. Your not, and you know it. So stop trying to get attention. It just makes bigger girls feel like shit. Im only a size 12-14. I dont see that as fat? I mean i know for my height i could lose a few kilo's. But weight is made to have such a large affect on our society.

I would really like a debate over such things - but no-one is likely to read this.

Bye for now.

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