Sunday, February 22, 2009


I thought about it for hours.
And I have no idea how to put this into words.

But, I figured that most of my last bulletin was a load of crap, because moving out wouldnt solve anything, just put me into a situation, where I wouldnt have any money.

I decided the best way to deal with things is art. That way, it doesnt have to make sense to anyone, but me.

So anyway, City and colour put it in better words than I could

"And I know its not to get away from me,
You just need a change of scenery
So strange how everything went wrong so fast
And I hope that this confusion does not last

These words might be, too little too late,
And I'm afraid that I have already lost you.
Now three months equals eternity and this will be so hard
And I will long to hold you in my arms

And when you ask do you love me
And I should reply with yes most certainly
And I always hesitate there's something lingering
And I will try harder to be all that I can be."

He will never read this i guess, so like it matters.
This ended worse than they could of expected.
In an arguement.
Who ever wants things to end like that?

I know it going to be all my fault.
And that it is likely to get thrown in my face, and for a while i may even regret it.

But I shouldnt, because for once, I did something for myself.
Now all I want to do is be alone.
Because I have no-one. But thats okay. Kind of.

I will always love him anyway. But he will never know..

Marilyn Monroe knows how to live it...

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the end.

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  1. I see you've edited this since it was posted- after thoughts are always an interesting addition.
    It helps when you're able to evaluate the consequences from things, and be okay with it. The path to recovery from heartache is a long one, but you sure as hell do learn!